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  • Sunac Yufu丨Modern Simple Soft Decoration Case Show

    2020-08-26   来源:JUNZINN

    Project location: Foshan

    ProjectLocation:Foshan City

    Project name: Sunac Yufu

    Project Name:Luxury Mansion

    Design team: Lan Jun Yipin

    Design Team Staged yipin

    Design company: Shenzhen Gulan International

    Design company:Googlool INT’L

    Design theme: modern minimalist style

    Life is like water, flowing silently.

    May both hands be oars,

    Riding the thousand-layer wind to break through the waves,

    Sailing across the ocean,

    Reach the habitat of your dreams.

    The division of space organization and materials is no longer limited to hard walls, but pays more attention to the logical relationship of functional spaces such as reception, dining, study, and sleep. The division of different functional spaces is expressed through changes in furniture, suspended ceilings, floor materials, displays and even light, and this division shows flexibility, compatibility and fluidity with different time periods.

    The designer satisfies the owner’s perceptual, instinctive and rational needs for the space environment with simplicity and purity, emphasizing less is more, discarding unnecessary decorative elements, and using the most straightforward decorative language to reflect the atmosphere created by the space and furniture , And then give the space personality and tranquility.

    Transparent sunlight, elegant colors, light materials, few scattered, trivial decorations, everything respects natural beauty. Every expression method emphasizes people-oriented, and strives to integrate the leisurely, comfortable and natural modern beauty into life with a purely beautiful posture and extraordinary taste.

     In the transparent space of light and shadow,  Create a harmonious and unified living atmosphere between tradition and modernity.

    Go in the direction of your heart,

    Stepped onto the land I wanted to reach,

    The scenery along the way is desolation and prosperity,

    All are worth reviewing.

    Life is like water, flowing silently.