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    2020-08-26   来源:JUNZINN


    Cement steel is the backbone of the house,

    So soft decoration is the soul of the house!

    What role does soft furnishing play in improving and optimizing the home environment?

    What is its charm?


    Googlool International (www.googlool.com) takes you to find the irresistible charm of soft outfits~

    In the process of soft decoration, the movable furniture, handicrafts, textiles, collectibles, lamps, flowers, plants and other items are recombined to form a new "landscape", which can better reflect the taste of the owner and is to create a home The finishing touch of the atmosphere, it breaks the boundaries of the traditional decoration industry and completely shows the charm of soft decoration! If the home improvement is too old or outdated and needs to be changed, it can show a different look without spending a lot of money, giving people a fresh feeling.


    ◇ The charm of soft decoration lies in: creating environmental artistic conception

    Soft decoration is proposed relative to the hard structure space of the building itself, which is the extension and development of the visual space of the building. "Soft decoration" in the indoor environment, it plays a role in the modern indoor space design, such as setting off the indoor atmosphere, creating environmental artistic conception, enriching the space level, strengthening the indoor environment style, and adjusting the environment color. It has undoubtedly become the finishing touch in the interior design process. One stroke.


    ◇ The charm of soft decoration lies in: setting off the environment

    Enhancing the spatial style of home accessories in the home environment, it has a strong visual perception, so it has a huge effect on the atmosphere of the home environment. There are various styles in the home space, and the reasonable selection and display of accessories has a very positive influence on the formation of the home space style.


    ◇ The charm of soft outfit lies in: adjusting the environmental tone

    Home accessories can adjust the hue of the home environment. Furniture can effectively adjust the hue of the home environment. Because in the home environment, furniture and accessories occupy a relatively large area. In many spaces, furniture occupies more than 40% of the area. The colors of accessories such as curtains, bedspreads, and decorative paintings actually play an absolute role in the formation of the tone of the entire guest room.


    ◇ The charm of soft outfit lies in: show individuality

    Home accessories show the owner's personality. The choice of accessories is related to each person's living environment, personality and work experience, and is caused by many factors. If someone is good at socializing and interacts more with leading cadres, such as hanging photos of him and various leaders on the wall, this is also a kind of accessory that fully expresses his personality.


    ◇ The charm of soft decoration lies in: improving the spatial form

    Home accessories improve the spatial form of many modern homes, the structural material interface is very monotonous, giving people a cold feeling. If we live in it for a long time, we will feel a sense of boredom. We might as well use some accessories, such as green plants, artwork, textiles. These items usually have more beautiful colors and richer shapes than the home interface, which can well improve the shape of the home space.


    ◇ The charm of soft furnishing lies in: perfect display of space charm

    Home accessories soften the home space. In some homes, dense steel frames, sheets of glass curtain walls, and bright metal plates fill the home space. These materials have a hard and cold texture. The colorful home accessories can obviously soften the space and bring a spin-off to the home space.


    Want to make the room environment artistic, humanized and life-like? Then from now on, pay attention to the design of Gulan International's room soft fittings!


    The source of the picture in this article is the cooperation project of Gulan International for Zhuhai Yanlord Coastal Center.

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