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  • Contemporary MOMA Shangpin Bay丨Pop style soft outfit display

    2020-08-26   来源:JUNZINN

    Is the modern style in your eyes still black and white? That would be wrong.

    Take a look at the different modern styles interpreted by the designer of "Lanjun Yipin"~

    Kelly Green House

    This apartment uses a light and luxurious modern design style, continues the uniform tone of the hard-installed space, gives full play to the power of interior design, and focuses on spatial functions.

    The designer creates an atmosphere through light, color, material, etc., to create a more humane spirit and visual space that relaxes the body and mind and is harmonious and unified with the environment.

    Peacock blue and other different degrees of gem green and turmeric jumped into sight,

    Pop elements with great fashion charm are also used in it.

    The color contrast and element matching make the space avant-garde and unique.

    Every detail will be the urban elite

    The unique international lifestyle is integrated into it,

    It is modern and tolerant, with personality and depth.

    On the premise of the deepest humanistic care for the residents;

    Taking care of the needs of three generations of music families in their lives for ethics, etiquette, joy, and warmth

    Live life as a poem, starting with exquisite tableware