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  • Sunac Yufu丨The Oriental Style of Hermes

    2020-08-26   来源:JUNZINN

    Project location: Foshan City, Guangdong Province

    Project Location: Foshan City

    Project Name: Unit 04 of Sunac Yufu

    Project Name:Luxury Mansion

    Design team: Lan Jun Yipin

    Design Team: Staged yipin

    Design company: Shenzhen Gulan International

    Design company:Googlool INT’L

    Design theme: Oriental style in Hermes interpretation

    One family courtyard, one house and three lives, are about the inheritance of the roots of the people of the country. Hermès interprets and inherits the concept to the world with its 170-year history. At this moment, when a Chinese-style mansion meets a Western-style luxury, what kind of collision will they have?

    The living room and dining room are restrained and lightly luxurious, decorated with Hermes classic orange murals, supplemented by freehand landscape style carpets, showing the owner's style coincides with the connotation of low-key and light luxury.

    The double balcony design has three invincible views. Whether it is a bright morning, a comfortable afternoon or a twilight dusk, sitting on the large balcony in the living room, you can instantly see the different scenery, and the mood will be open and peaceful. Two cups of tea and a plate of dim sum is a pleasant afternoon.

    The hanging paintings show the low-key character of Hermes, and follow the tradition of loyalty to the craftsmanship. In combination with the new Chinese wall cabinets, they are innovative without losing the characteristics.

    Tradition, innovation and practicality are the characteristics of the combination and pay great attention to the combination of colors and materials. The combination of stainless steel and walnut oak, Clemence bull cowhide and brown horse hair combines the taste and exquisiteness.

    With color and material as the carrier, the elements related to the life of the owners are excavated, refined and extracted, and a high-quality lifestyle is created. In the eyes of designers, design is life.