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  • The collision of fashion and traditional culture-new Chinese style

    2020-08-26   来源:JUNZINN

          Use modern materials and craftsmanship to interpret the profound meaning and essence of Chinese traditional culture, and use the elegant Chinese atmosphere to create an elegant residence full of modern Chinese national characteristics. This is the product of the collision between Chinese traditional culture and fashion—new Chinese style.






          If we say that traditional Chinese home furnishings are only elegant, restrained and reserved, even with a heavy and dull atmosphere. Then the new Chinese design with stylish modern features completely subverts people's stereotypes, not only retains the elegant temperament of Chinese classical style, but also integrates the simple and neat line design of the West.



         Every piece of Chinese furniture is alive, and it can be placed in any corner to determine the charm of this place. The wood-based home space integrates the oriental artistic conception, creating a space atmosphere full of ancient charm, while the new Chinese style brings modern elements that remove the complexity and extravagance into the bedroom, pay attention to the artistic conception, refuse to paved; advocate nature, abandon complexity; pursue Elegant, rejecting clichés.