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    —— Your art, your nanny.

    Gulan International

     —— Your art, your nanny


    ◇ We understand the marketing intention of soft decoration services in real estate projects from the perspective of communication;

    ◇ We are committed to creating an experience that meets the marketing positioning and the life understanding of the target consumer group;

    ◇ We are good at integrating art into design and expressing the breath of life with details;

    ◇ We never blindly chase fashion, we insist on the originality of each work;

       For thousands of years, people’s beliefs have a fixed attribution. This attribution is home, that is, "home—belief." Lanjun Yipin has adopted "your art, your nanny" as its design concept, and let "art "Incarnate as a "nanny", serving the space and continuing to serve the pursuit of a higher-quality life space.