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    ——Lan Jun Yipin, Jun and Zhe


    Shenzhen Gulan International Soft Decoration Art Co., Ltd.:

           Core business: soft decoration art design.

           Mainly for real estate developers, private luxury villas, providing high-end space design, soft decoration art and other services. With the founding concept of "your art, your nanny", the company created and registered two major brands, "Lanjun Yipin" and "Jun and Zhejunzinn".

           The soft decoration business of Gulan International (Lanjun Yipin) has been rapidly developing in the real estate industry since 2011, successively-Sunac China, Yanlord Land, CapitaLand, Greenland Real Estate, Contemporary MOMA, China Communications Group, Agile The Group, Galaxy Group, Foshan Vanke and other well-known developers provide services for soft decoration design and home customization services for commercial spaces such as sales offices and model houses, and have achieved good reputation and performance.

           While the real estate soft decoration business is growing rapidly, the founder has not forgotten the original intention of creating "Gulan Soft Decoration"-your art, your nanny. Therefore, at the end of 2017, "Jun and Zhe JunZinn" was independent from Gulan International's subordinate department and established "Jun and Zhe Industrial Development Co., Ltd." to explore the next 20 years under the background of "low growth and high concentration of social wealth" The sustainable growth of the domestic market has transformed the home furnishing manufacturing industry into a service industry, and the home improvement design industry into an "aesthetician government" industry, creating a "life aesthetician" and seizing the opportunity of a trillion "home government" market.