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    ——Home, Into Faith.


           Shenzhen Junyuzhe Industrial Development Co., Ltd., main business: [Aesthetician politics]. The predecessor of the company was a company mainly engaged in [interior design, full-level customization]. It has been working in the bonded area for five years and has ten years of industry experience.

           Jun Yuzhe's core business, positioning the domestic high-end community and luxury villa market in first-tier cities, focusing on high-end people and the "housing and housing needs" in high-quality life, provides products and services in three aspects: 
           1)Esthetician administration-space purification, storage, maintenance and repair (planning the extension of the next 30 years: education, medical care, elderly care)。
           2)Home customization-whole house customization, imported home furnishing, storage furniture.
           3)Mansion design-interior design, decoration project, partial renovation.      

           Shenzhen Gulan International Soft Decoration Art Co., Ltd. (interior design);
           Dongguan Gulan Soft Decoration Art Co., Ltd. (furniture design);
           Dongguan Jun and Zhe Furniture Co., Ltd. (Whole House Custom Factory);

           Traffic information: Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone (Changfu Jinmao Building) CFC Changfu Center Building 1, which is not more than 100 meters away from the exit of the nearest Line 3 extension line under construction. It is expected to open to traffic at the end of October 2020.